Joris-Jan Bos

Delft, Holland, 1962

Artschool of Photography, Den Haag 1984

Photographer since 1984
I like to photograph passion, passionate people being involved in the real thing.
I specialize in Dance, Visual Arts and portrait-photography.
I also like to travel and photographs what comes my way.
I am open and interested in any kind of artistic venue or collaboration.

Since 1990 house photographer of the Nederlands Dans Theater.
2002 - 2006 house photographer of Ballett Frankfurt.


1992 -en groupe with David Cajthaml, Festival der Kunsten, Bad Gleichenberg - Austria
-AT & T Dans Theater, the Hague, the Netherlands
1996 -Lucent Dans Theater
-Peppermint-cafe, the Hague, the Netherlands
1997 -en groupe with photographer Dirk Buwalda, Muziektheater Amsterdam
-Mercure Hotel Den Haag
1998 -en groupe with Bernie Autsema - Germany
1999 -Lucent Dans Theater
-Coninksgraft Gallery, Amsterdam
-Koninklijk Conservatorium the Hague
-Picolo Mondo restaurant, the Hague
2000 -en groupe with David Cajthaml, Theater Archa, Prague - Czech Republique
-en groupe with all Dutch dance-photographers 'Of Useless Value- in the Atrium of the Den Haag City-hall
2002  -Kylian, works, Saitama Arts Centre, Saitama - Japan
2004  -Mudhoney, Biarteca festival in Rosazza, (BI)- Italy
2005  -Life and Foods of Hirado, Hirado - Japan
2005  -Dancers Portraits, Lucent Danstheater Den Haag
2006  -Exposed, Bi Arteca Festival, Rosazza - Italy
2006  -Fishy Food, Mochi restaurant, Den Haag
2007  -Exposed, Korzo Theater, Den Haag
-Movimento, a retrospective, Theater Instituut Amsterdam
2008  -Loket 25, Dogtroep performance impressions, Atrium Stadhuis Den Haag
-Exposed, C-Scope production, Archa theater, Prague - Czech Republique
-Indian Dance Festival –Zwembad Theater de Regentes, Den Haag
2009  -en groupe with Erwin Olaf and Daisy Komen ~ Amstelveen, Stads Schouwburg//van   Nelle Fabriek Den Bosch
2010  -Challenging Dance, en groupe with Bernie Autsema, Nicolas Lavarenne, Erwin Olaf, Daisy Komen and Rahi Rezvani  het Cleynehuys, Den Haag
-Plot Point, Lucent Dans Theater, Den Haag//Muziektheater Amsterdam.


Nederlands Dans Theater, het Nationale Ballet, Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties, Holiday on Ice, Dag in de Branding, Culturalis, Korzo produkties, Theater aan het Spui, Station Zuid, Diaghilev Festival, Yumiko-dance wear, Daghdha Dance company -UK, Complicité -UK, Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, City Counsil Den Haag.

I also do diverse assignments for communication and advertisement companies and private and public portrait photography.